Sunday, May 28, 2017

It's another rainy Memorial Day

Well, its raining in Maryland for Memorial Day.  It's been raining every day this month, save one or two.  Honest to God I feel like we're living in Newcastle on Tyne, moist, humid, cool.

I half expect Vera Stanhope to come a knocking at the door to ask me some questions and offer me "a cuppa, pet?"  If she does, I didn't do it.

The block is gathering together for a little cookout.  Nothing fancy, but it with what going on, it'll be more cook-in than out.

Spending my Memorial Day working on Cemetery records.  It seems that we have found a cemetery in the Ohio where records were not kept, it's fallen into disrepair and some families moved out the kin but left the stones.  This is creating all manner of problems with submissions for societies, Find A Grave and the like.

So my memorial day will actually be spent working with the records of the dead, wondering who they were, where they are and if any of their descendants is thinking of them.

OH!  I forgot, there is an homage to the most frightening of hot dog dishes, the Frankfurter Crown Roast over at Krab with a K.  Seemed most fitting for that site.

Have a good and safe weekend.


  1. too cool up here (no rain) for a cookout. just stayin' inside chillin'.

  2. No matter what the weather, I would never eat Jello salad, nor a "Farnkfurter Crown"... Jx

  3. I believe that everyone should have a few culinary atrocities in their repertoire for potlucks and community dinners. I believe that your Crown of Frankfurters fits the bill. Prepare it well, bringing to it every culinary skill that you possess. Pretend that it is an old family recipe (1954?) and say "It just wouldn't be a Memorial Day (Fourth of July, Labor Day etc) without it". You will thereby be relegated to bringing the Solo cups or napkins for year...until it becomes a Hipster thing (like PBR).

    However, what you prepare and serve those nearest and dearest to your heart in the privacy of your own home probably should be something else entirely...unless you want to send them a message.